Reviews this week.

  •  Dawn of War 2
    • I loved the first series, currently playing through campaign and will test out multi before I hollah.

  • Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars - DS
    • Got it today, supposedly short (story wise) but I've played 3 minutes and saw the word 'fuck' on the DS, so yeah - high expectations.

  • spyndal

Left 4 Dead.

So I bought this last night - probably last VG purchase for a while.

It's pretty damn good. I sincerely love the Infected. Co-Op tactics are really forced on you, or you might as well give up and die.

I have one request - if you're not gonna use a mic, don't play. Thanks! 
  • spyndal

Grr - I know it's old

I am so sick of the OFLC in Australia. They neutered Fallout 3.

Is there anything being done to fight this classifcation crap? I would really like to know more about why the hell we're so damn well restricted.

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